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When someone passes away

When someone passes away

When a loved one passes away, the very last thing you want to think about is administration, making plans, and arranging funeral services. When thinking about it, most of us have absolutely no idea what to do when somebody dies – and that’s completely normal. If you’re extremely lucky in life, this isn’t something you would have to deal with often. But here we are – reading up on things we couldn’t have ever imagined having to know about. It’s okay, let’s just tackle it one word at a time. If you’d rather prefer talking to us in person – contact us here and one of our funeral arrangers can talk you through the next steps.

We understand that there are bigger things going on, and want to be there for you to help guide you through the next steps. When someone passes away, there are several steps that need to be taken. We aren’t in the business of telling you how to deal with a loved one passing away, but we do want to help guide you through the process of contacting the right people and registering the death.

If your loved one dies at home: Getting the Medical Certificate

If your loved one passes away at home, the first step will be to give the doctor of the deceased a call. The doctor will be able to determine whether or not the coroner needs to be informed. If there is no need to contact the coroner, the doctor will supply you with a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. Thereafter, you will need to contact the funeral director, that’s where we come in.

What if the doctor does not agree to sign the death certificate?

If the doctor does not agree to sign the death certificate or there is an inquest, they will refer to the coroner and a post-mortem may need to take place. If the coroner is involved, prepare yourself for the process to take a bit longer. If this is the case, contact us and we can help talk you through the next steps. We will arrange for your loved one to be taken into our care where we will carry out all your personal requests with the utmost respect and dignity.

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If your loved one dies elsewhere:

In Hospital: the hospital team will liaise with the doctor on your behalf, and your doctor will advise you on the next steps, and when to give us a call.

Care Home or Hospice: the care staff may liaise with the doctor or inform you that you need to contact the doctor. The process remains the same as above.

On holiday or outside of the UK: If this occurs, contact us as soon as possible and we can arrange for repatriation to bring your loved one back home.

Who can register the death?

Death is usually registered by the next of kin or a relative of the deceased. However, if there are no relatives, a person who was with the deceased at the time of their death or someone who is arranging the funeral can register the death.

What to prepare: ​

What documents do I need for death registration?

The registrar will arrange an appointment with you to register the death in person. They will need certain key information including:

  • Full name, gender, date and country of birth
  • Occupation: current or previous
  • Address and postcode
  • Parental names and occupations
  • Marital status with partner(s) name, date of birth and occupation

Once the registration has taken place, the death certificate will be sent out to you by post.

Tell Us Once

We strongly advise using ‘Tell Us Once” available through GOV.UK. This allows you to report a death to most government organisations in one go.

If you have any other questions, please call us on 01423 202121.  We are here to help you every step of the way.

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“Beautiful service for our brother, thank you so much to everyone. Nothing was too much trouble, we could contact our funeral directors out of hours if need be about anything we were unsure of.Everything ran smoothly & processionally. We would also like to thank the celebrant too for the beautiful readings. A lovely careing funeral directors. Thank you so much”

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